Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gators aren't just for Florida's travels

What a crazy day!

We wrapped up a week in arkansas with my driving into a parked piece of wood that not only bent the wheel frame it seriously messed up my mom's camper steps. In addition we had to put on the spare only to have the spare have issues a few hundred miles into our travels. I heard a wicked *whoosh* about an hour or so  into driving. I pulled over and checked the tires. Everything seemed ok. I got back in the truck and caught back up with Frank. We stopped for gas. I gave him a brief rundown. Everything still seemed ok. Fast forward an hour and bladders full with a rest stop ahead with only about 80 miles left for the night...we checked tires again and discovered that the spare had lost an alligator. 

For those of you that don't full time travel a road alligator is when the the outer tread of the tire comes off. Generally that is followed by a *boom* which would indicate a blow out.

Well. At this point we re-routed found a closer campsite for the night and gingerly rolled another 23 (or so) minutes up the road. Incredible as it may be that tire held air the entire way there.

Tomorrow Frank will go get the tire fixed and hopefully we can can continue our journey northward.... I suppose it will all depend on how long it takes to fix it.

We are blessed beyond measure that there wasn't a blow out or a tow involved and that it seems to be repairable

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