Monday, June 1, 2015

Kids on the road

I was supposed to be part of a group of bloggers today posting about kids on the road.... tips and tricks to successfully travelling with teens to toddlers and thanks to my horrific wifi situation I never got the links on how to participate. 

So. Yeah.

So I will leave you with this adorable cutie pie that has so much curiosity he melts my heart daily.

Also, pray for us. Jamberry is changing for us again. Maybe God is taking it away ... we really are not sure. Frank has been finding work with a fantastic company called and it sure helps.  When he can score jobs through them he can work 2 days to help supplement our income.

Work camping at this resort campground has its challenges.  My mom helps in the welcome center a few days a week... Monday-Wednesday, Frank works at camp Thursday - Saturday,  and the boys and I run the camp kitchen Friday- Sunday  unless it's a holiday weekend ...then it's Monday too. Add to that jamberry and the roof armor and we barely have enough time for our own family much less ministry to anyone else.

And that is most certainly not the heart of why we are on the road. Not. At. All.

Pray that God provides a solution. And that we are listening to His voice in this. Not one driven out of fear or the unknown.

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