Monday, January 5, 2015

Come to the drum circle

I think we get life messed up.
Especially as believers.
What's right?
What's wrong?
Why do we get to decide.

Recently I saw a thread on facebook take a dive because a few Christians cast judgement on a group of athests.
Anyone that was a christian soon became a target by a select group of the free thinkers...
Free thinkers unless they are talking about Christians. ..that is.
And it breaks my heart.
So much hate and division.

Tonight we drove down to Siesta Key.
We were told today about this amazing drum circle that meets on the beach.
We could hear the deep djembe beats as we parked.

And we walked to the beach it was clear there was far more than a drum circle.
A street preacher and banners engaged a small crowd.
The crowd taunted him.
Police were standing by....
Finally a girl pepper sprayed the street preacher...

And I wonder... we are such a tangled mess...
Like a mess of yarn.
We mean well but often cannot see beyond our own vision.
Everyone thinks they are right.
But what IS the right way to share Christ's love?
In anger? Judgement?  Preaching to a hostile crowd?

Do we even know HOW to LOVE like Jesus loved anymore?
To live in love without being angry ..hostile ...or even confrontational. ..
Maybe its taking a moment one on one.
Learning a name and genuinely coming to care for someone personally. 

What do you think?

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