Monday, November 10, 2014

Even when we cannot see

Today has just been plain hard.
Woke up to kids arguing and wayyy too early.

Because that seemed like a good idea knowing I would likely be up another 20-22 hours today.
A repair guy came too look at some issues on mom's camper that he isn't even sure he can fix.
Stopped and grabbed milk.

Started to finally shake a killer headache.

Then Judah was missing.

I had left him with my mom
She told him they were going to the library.
So. He walked there. Alone.

He knew the way...its just about a block from our campground.

But as you may it's complicated. 

Thankfully frank was on the phone with 911 when the call came in from the library.

And he was met in the parking lot by police.

The kids are all here but we officially have some very hard decisions to make....
Like the fact that I need to quit at Amazon and take care of the kids.
And how that affects my mom and future travel since we do not have a tow vehicle for her new camper...
And the fact that she won't be saving money because she will need to pay the monthly site fee once I quit.

I am asking youto pray for us once again.

That God shows us clearly our next step.

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