Wednesday, June 4, 2014

things you might not know

The month of May really stunk. My mom spent 3 weeks in the hospital but is still very much here & recovering quite well. and if that wasn't hard enough a very special relationship in our life took a complete nosedive. So prayers of reconciliation would be deeply appreciated.

We started a major overhaul on the camper on a shoestring budget. What else should we do in the desert in May. And June. In the heat of the summer in the desert. We are thankful for dear friends that have let us stay at their ranch

Our eldest girlie is home. At least for now.

I have wicked writers block (which is why this is a list)

I am having a really hard time not wishing we were traveling.  Trying to stay thanful especially on days I don'tfeel thankful at all. We miss the adventure & the new people we constantly meet.

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