Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The narrowroadschoolers camper revamp & more

So. We are still in Joshua Tree CA. Still staying at our friends ranch. Definitely not what I had planned. ..there I go again, planning stuff... not really.  We are waiting on Dr appointments for my mom and sitting in the desert heat. And we are adding yet another to the mix...our eldest girlie ...that is, once we get the walking orders from the Dr for my mom. So. Since we are adding to our already tight space we thought we could do a makeover inside for what we usally spend on gas... and we are pretty close. 

I bought those beastly orange chairs (they double as beds) last year. We bought 3 ended up taking only one and dropping it off at a thrift shop in Utah last year. The other 2 I tried to sell but after spending $160 each forthem I couldn't bring myself to take  the"best offer" of $50 for all 3. So 2 went into our tiny storage facility.  God knew we would need them this year though. And 3 would have been too many. 

So we revamped the bunks we made for the oldest 2 boys last November then built in 2 more on the other side... a bit shorter though. And then we worked the big orange chairs into a couch/ bed. The girls share the top bunk ....which is a queen... then there was the space where the boys bunk were placed last year... an open canvas. So we built a narrow bench for canned goods and my sewing items and used the cute orange table that I left at my moms last year and voila. A living room was born. A separate space even.

 Definitely not an easy task in a 300 sq ft home with 9 people. And yet Frank saw potential to make our kitchen that much better so shelves and storage were added. I stained the living room wood blue...because what else goes well with orange?

 As we ran out of supplies and budgeted funds...we recycled some of the old even. And it works. We now have a boys bedroom that sleeps 4. And a girls bedroom that sleeps 2. And Judahbug, yeah..he still sleeps in our bed. Revamping a camper to comfortably fit 9 is a daunting task but I think Frank built one of his masterly crafted "pianos" once again. And the girlie....well she seems to be fitting quite nicely into this lifestyle....at least her very own picture suggest she is:) welcome to the crazy and amazing adventure of a lifetime Arianna ... but without you coming we may have made do with what we had in the camper and I am SO grateful because it feels almost like a house ...ok...moreclike a micro apartment... but for this girl who has been dreaming of a bigger rig without a budget this is a huge blessing!

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