Sunday, June 8, 2014

Are you crazy?

We hear that alot. People seem to feel entitled to tell us exactly how they feel about our choice of lifestyle.  Honestly, often they love it and are very supportive or they hate it and are not afraid to tell us exactly how we are ruining our life, crazy, messing up our childrens childhood, etc.  The list is often quite extensive. 
I suppose we should be used to people feeling entitled to their opinion of our large family, or the fact that we homeschool but it does get old. I mean try telling someone with 2 kids that they ought to have a bigger family sometime....and just see how that goes.
Why can't we simply be happy for life choices even if they fall outside the realm of what we deem as normal. Things that create more happiness.  For us. Being in the same town with the same rhythm ...whether that would be playing sports or local clubs....just wasn't the right fit for us. For other is.

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