Saturday, March 30, 2013


A while back my good friend Casey sent me a book

At the time I looked at it, browsed the pages and thought ...
yeah this is just too hard

Photo: Apparently I have put off reading this for far too long.
and now.
after reading the intro & preparing ourselves
we start this journey.
selling almost all our earthly goods & going on the road with 6 ( or maybe 7) kids in a 29 foot pull behind camper. & I realize I need this study more than ever.

you are supposed to do each of the assigned sections for 30 days.
but honestly we don't have that kind of time.
Jen Hatmaker we are taking your book to a whole new level.

7 weeks
7 areas of our lives.
and we started week 1 just 10 minutes ago.


our food choices
wheat flour - this way we can make our own and have a bigger variety
white potatoes ( cuz these cool cats can mix it with the wheat flour and make pasta aka gnocci)
red pasta sauce.

our only condiments are salt pepper and a rationed amount of olive oil to cook in

we have chosen to give my husband the option of coffee since he is doing this and getting us ready to go on the road as full time missionaries while finishing up his last 7 weeks of college.

so yes.
seven weeks that is.

and as I sit here typing....
thinking shortly that almost everything that surrounds me will be GONE

and I take a deep  breath.

I am realizing that our Resurrection Sunday Dinner will be quite different than we have ever experienced.


  1. The Lord will do it... THROUGH you! Much revelation to you all on your new journey. Im truly inspired...truly.. and praying for you guys:)