Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving Forward

The BIG SALE is Saturday

and our church has agreed to be our sending church.

we are missionaries.

now all we have to do is sell all our stuff.

get Frank through the last 6 weeks of school

get our horses and critters to new homes ( or in some cases where they came from)

get our house rented.

some days the obstacles seem ginormous.

other days...

not as much.

some days the amount of negativity surrounding this journey is downright overwhelming

other days

I just breathe & don't let those negative voices get to me.

It has been another emotional week.

its time to get to selling all this accumulated stuff.

& prepare our hearts for this journey.


  1. That's awesome to hear that your church is supporting you on this journey!

  2. Very excited to hear that EV FREE is behind you!!!! They rock so do you guys!!!! <3

  3. Lots of prayers for as smooth a start as possible!