Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Florida shuffle

Too bad its not a cool new dance. Its a complicated ballet of reservations when wintering in Florida with an endless abundance of snowbirds, vacationers and other full time travelers.  In January we realized early on that my mom and our family couldn't get reservations on the exact same moving days. So we opted to leave her at our favorite of the 3 Florida campgrounds we frequent. We knew we would be back into the park approximately every 2 weeks and it seemed like the most viable option. It has not gone without a few minor complications,  however, for the most part it has worked out. She has met quite a few of the full time residents and had plenty of camp sponsored entertainment, church and  even a ladies crafting group where she is learning new crafts and rekindling old crafts. As we plan into the spring months we are taking into consideration where she would like to travel also.It proves to be both good and somewhat challenging all at the same time...but worth it.

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