Thursday, February 19, 2015

Changing Direction

That's legit. I wrote an entire post about changing direction earlier today and I went to post it and the entire thing except the title disappeared.  Clearly God wants us to change direction in our posts but rather than tell you about it ( like I had thoughtfully thought through) perhaps we are just supposed to do it so goes.

As I was driving back from the laundromat today I realized living in and out of campgrounds is a lot like living on base.

Well, not really. But there is a guardshack at the front with a gateguard. Sometimes.
And community pools.
And a community center...we call it the lodge. Or clubhouse
Everyone is supposed to obey the speed limit but most don't.
Occasionally there is a community event
You may have a grumpy neighbor or 2

But overall its a good community where people connect and care about each other.

And today that is enough.

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