Monday, February 24, 2014


well. Here we are. 1/2 a world apart. And we are waiting on God for the answers. 8 months on the road have gone by & we have less answers than ever. We have been brought to the end of our means. And honestly, God shows up every time. But right now we are waiting.
waiting on God.
waiting on finances.
waiting on time.
waiting on circumstances.
when I came to California in January for my moms hospitalization we knew there would be challenges. And we knew I might get stuck here.
I am working on a support letter to send to churches. When we left last year we left solely on Franks retirement & the little bit we had in the bank. We have made it this far & we are sure this is what we are supposed to do. Many of our friends have been praying & have donated to our travel budget. Its gone. We live month to month thankful for Frank's USMC retirement. We live by faith... Not by sight. But it's time to find churches & individuals that would be willing to come alongside us and take this journey with us.
we honestly can't do it without prayer & financial support.
so please pray for us. Being this far apart is very difficult on all of us. While my mom is doing much better we need to be closer to California. And we are praying whether or not to fly me back to my family. Truth is that plane ticket fare could help buy us some much needed camper tires. Or gas to at least get a few hundred miles closer.
But right now, if every single part of our budget doesn't experience a slight hiccup... We might be able to budget it so Frank arrives back in California sometimes in June. . That's over 4 months away. This mamas heart may break before then.

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