Monday, December 14, 2015


I still have not bought a single Christmas gift for anyone in my family this year. We are still scraping things together for the blessing bags we feel God is leading us to hand out during our time here in Las Vegas. Tonight I got a glimpse into why.

I stopped at McD's on the way home from Walmart. The boys asked for sweet tea and I love listening to them talk. As I walked into this McDonald's however it was obvious that this was a different place.

One girl, who couldn't have been more than 16 sat quietly slowly eating a hamburger and sipping a drink. She had pants that were cut off, a Hoodie  and no socks on with her tattered tennis shoes. I asked her if she had a place to stay and needed gloves. She looked away and whispered "yes... I need gloves and my lips are chapped".  I ran out to the car and grabbed a premade blessing bag filled with a hat, gloves, hand warmers, long socks, chapstick  and other goodies and threw in $5 so she could buy something from them so they wouldn't toss her back out into the 52 degree gusty winds with a hint of drizzle in the air.

The boys and I talked a bit and another kid came in. Probably not more than 19.
He sat down and almost immediately the manager came over. I asked him if he had $ for food. He said no. I quickly grabbed the keys and got another blessing bag for him and again threw in $5 for a bite to eat. He stared in disbelief.  And he said... "oh my God. This is awesome. Thanks"

Vegas is a city that can make you hard. People are looking for handouts on almost every corner. But look past the hardness and see a need. Look at the eyes of the person and be genuine.

God will take care of us as we reach out to people. Besides, limited space in an rv ...right?

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