Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lonely seasons.

Since we have been on the road we have been blessed to meet new friends wherever we are. This year however, since arriving in California it has been a dry season. Emotionally the kids and I are all struggling with the fact that despite the fact that the campgrounds that are in are FULL of people. ... we are having a hard time connecting with anyone.

California seems to have a different crowd of wanderers. People who are full time travel workers. I suppose we have become accustomed to traveling with a friendlier crowd. People who wave and greet each other when you take a walk. And I simply can't figure out how to break the code.

Other things are different too. While Frank is gainfully employed with RV Armor he is away from us more and more. We can't seem to catch up with vehicle repairs and kids growth spurts. Sometimes it feels the reason we hit the road in the 1st place are so very far away from what life seems to be turning into just to make ends meet.

God is providing. Even though sometimes it's hard to see. I am trying to find the best in things. Last week  we made it to a camp potluck. It was a nice evening. Thankful we have enjoyed the blessing of an evening of shared food with new faces.

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  1. I totally agree about how different people seem in California compared to other areas. When we camped in CA it had a much less friendly feel than every other place we've been. We were accustomed to people being very friendly in campgrounds and always enjoyed chatting with our neighbors and getting to know people. Once we got to CA, the other people in the campground would barely make eye contact with us, let alone talk to us. Needless to say it was not one of our favorite places.