Sunday, September 6, 2015

Westward Ho. Again.

It's hard to believe that 2 whole months have gone by since I last posted. Crazy! Back then we were in Illinois. And since we have traveled through Michigan, Indiana,  kentucky,  ohio, arkansas (again) and landed for 6 weeks in Texas. In the summer. Crazy right?

Frank has really been blessed with work through the rv roofing company he has been working for. Thankfully it pays the bills and gives us far more freedom to explore and bless more people along the way.

We had anticipated the fall in Texas. But the rv roofing jobs are taking us westward yet again.

I'm mixed. Another 1400 miles westward and then floating around california this fall was not what we were expecting.  And truthfully we don't plan a route. We know God will direct that path. So we just pray about each decision and stay obedient.

I am nervous. We know a lot of people in CA and while I want to drop in and see old friends I also know after many years as a USMC wife that rarely do you ever find life the same as you left it.

But many of you know there is a lure and a few pieces of my heart in California,  and in that aspect,  there is no better place to spend the fall.

Please pray for us this week as we travel.

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