Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fly East

I have heard this scripture countless times since we hit the road.
Well intending friends reminding us to keep the faith. God will provide.
Our needs will be met. We will have enough food.
a place to stay ...all we have to do is have faith and learn from this scripture.
and the truth is God HAS provided.
Certainly not always as we hope or want
but He is always faithful.


Sometimes the way GOD provides is a job opportunity

Last April, Frank was hired to be a part of the Amazon camperforce in Fernley NV.
The pay was decent and we could save money for the rest of the year and BONUS
stay on the west side of the country.

and last week we got a call. His initial start date was September... around the 1st.
they changed the offer.
Not til mid to late November.

See the thing is ministry takes money.
you guys ALL know that.
and while the donate button is on our blog.. and we have written to many many churches...
we are not supported by many churches.
SO ... thats why I plunged into jamberry and that IS helping
(when you shop our site or host a party that is HUGE)

but Amazon could potentially give us the funding for an entire year in just about 90 days.

and it's NOT about the money.

But without money it's awfully hard to travel and/or do a lot of ministry.

SO .... moving along. 

An offer to be transferred to Amazon in another state was on the table and the possibility to also have a job for me. Twice the pay if both of us work.... different shifts... and my mom would be there to help...... if I haven't told you yet my mom has joined our nomadic life in her own little RV ( which I drive now) so we need a second campsite close to ours wherever we go now.... and Amazon ...if I work too ..she can park right next to us. for FREE.

this may be a season of ministry to my mom as well as others.

We really are not sure.

What we know is there was no thought of heading east this year.
and tomorrow we pull out
eastward bound.
off to the volunteer state.

we will work our booties off to support the ministry we love dearly.

it's NOT about the money.
but the truth is without it, it's so much harder to bless others.
and Lord willing.
We hope that changes soon
whether by church support, donations, Amazon or Jamberry.

But God has opened a door.
we just need to drive 2000 miles to arrive.

It's on faith.
 We are pretty certain after crunching numbers there isn't enough in the bank for gas, lodging, and food to get there.

But those birds. They sure trust God.
the truth is.
so do we.

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